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Preparing Your Body for Detox

Tips and advice to consider before a detox

During a full body cleanse, one of the ultimate goals is to minimise the workload of your digestive system.  This gives your body plenty of energy in the form of nutrients to carry out daily activities. The results of a body cleanse, aka detox, will be an elimination of toxins.  You’ll have functioning vital organs, heaps of new found energy, lasting weight loss and a profound feeling of satisfaction. To get to these benefits, preparing your body for a detox cleanse will assist in the easier transition into a liquid diet.

Preparation of detox drinks

Why prepare for a body cleanse?

The New Leaf detox cleanse diet is a lot simpler to prefer as it consists of organic fresh fruit and vegetables. Mental focus and a positive approach will help to get the most out of your detox.

Well, think of it like the “warm-up”, you would do before working out. You’re doing this to loosen muscles and ligaments and avoid tension, strain and even injury. Preparing for a body cleanse, 3-7 days in advance, is not absolutely necessary, but it is recommended.

This preparation will help your body to adjust to new healthier changes while reducing any initial side effects such as headaches. Ultimately allowing you to get the most out of your body cleanse.

Cutting Out the Sugars

Many of us are addicted to sugars and they are toxins. After all, it’s in most of the food we eat, especially processed and packaged foods. Think about it, have you ever been at home and began to crave a candy bar or anything sweet? “I have, so much so, that I have taken the 5 km drive to buy a high calorie, zero nutrient, chocolate bar,” said Kris Page – New Leaf’s Marketing Director. The good news is a detox will help to get rid of these bad cravings. In the meantime, try to ease up on the processed sugars before you begin your body cleanse.

Reduce Dairy, Meat and Processed Food Intake

Before your detox, try to reduce your intake of dairy, grains, meat and processed foods. These foods are difficult to digest and can cause constipation and bloating. Try to replace these items with fruits and vegetables. By doing this, you will begin to relax your digestive system and prepare it for a healthier nutritional intake.

Reducing or Eliminating Alcohol & Caffeine

When preparing for a detox, reducing alcohol and caffeine can be very challenging. This is because both of these are physically and mentally addicting. If you rely on a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning and then several more cups to keep you going, try reducing your intake by one cup per day. This will help to prevent uncomfortable headaches during the first day or two of the cleanse.

If you are dependent upon alcohol, it is advisable to speak with your doctor to find out what the best options are for you. This is because in serious dependencies, coming off of alcohol can be life-threatening. However, if you are an occasional drinker, simply try to avoid alcohol for up to 7 days before your detox.

Saying ‘No’ to Smoking

To quit smoking before you cleanse may not be possible; however, if you are able to cut back on the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, it will be easier for you to completely quit after you have begun your cleanse. We can assist with some herbal solutions.

Sometimes It Takes the Caring Support of Professionals

All of the aforementioned, especially the latter, is easier said than done. The good thing about doing a full body cleanse at a health resort is that you will be under the safe care of professional staff members. Also, should you need some extra motivation to eliminate unhealthy habits, you’ll have it.

At New Leaf, we have had a lot of guests begin their stay with an addiction to cigarettes, alcohol and even unnecessary medications. Through careful monitoring, we have been able to assist in the complete cessation of addictions to alcohol, cigarettes and prescription medications. If you are taking medications for a health condition, you should not cease taking them without speaking to your doctor.

If you would like more information about wellness and our detox, weight loss packages please contact us or visit the wellness programs page.

Preparation of detox drinks