Full Disclosure of Prescription Medication is Essential

Many of the New Leaf Detox Wellness guests arrive with some sort of medication. Some have been taking it for years, and many have never had regular checkups to review their prescriptions. Worse, some can’t even remember being prescribed the medication in the first place. Before a detox colema program, it is essential that full disclosure of all medicines before commencing any new programme.

Colema Programme

A colema program is an essential part of the detox and essential to the removal of toxins in the body. It is important to remember that food can be a medication absorbent and therefore removing food on a detox and colema program can render the medications stronger than usual.

Our experience is that the colonic or self-administered colema program does not interfere with medication or other natural supplements. If you’re taking medication, we recommend you take them 2 hours before or after your healthy drink. If you’re taking medication and have a medical condition, consult with your physician before starting a detox program.

How much water should I drink with the colema program?

Adequate water intake is essential during any type of detoxification program to help dilute and eliminate toxins properly and thoroughly. A super fibre cleanse Psyllium seed husks should be mixed with at least 8 ounces of water, juice or your favourite beverage and swallowed quickly. Psyllium husk absorbs the water or juice and thickens quickly.]

Drinking 8 – 10 glasses of pure (filtered or bottled) water is a must every day.  Keep fluids regular on any detox colema program to avoid dehydration.

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