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Are There Side Effects to the New Leaf Detox Program?

Besides feeling GREAT there are a few small side effects. During the detox fasting your body will release built-up toxins and poisons which in turn may create some discomfort initially. However, this discomfort should not be mistaken for side effects caused by the colonic. In fact, these common cleansing symptoms are a good sign that the program is working. This means our bodies are in the process of releasing harmful toxins. It is not the detox fasting that causes the cleansing symptoms. It more about what is being shifted in the body and the release of toxins during the detox fasting.

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So What is the Discomfort?

Some nausea or fatigue may occur, particularly during the first few days as your body adjusts to something new. Often with new activities, fat is released from the cells into the system, and there can be nausea, dizziness and faintness- caused by the release of toxins and low blood sugar levels.

To combat this discomfort, we use small amounts of electrolytes. The detox fasting process can slightly dehydrate the body, so water consumption is always encouraged. However, we encourage guests to use electrolytes sparingly as it can cause ‘over retention’ of water which in turn causes swelling in the extremities.

Having said all that about the discomfort, it is very short-lived. Many guests don’t feel any pain during their detox fasting programme at New Leaf. You will, however, feel great. You will have more energy than possibly you can ever imagine. You will want to continue as you’ll be motivated to keep feeling amazing. The New Leaf Detox staff is always available to monitor and help you along if you do experience any discomfort.

If you would like more information about wellness and our detox, weight loss packages please contact us or visit the wellness programs page.

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