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How Much Weight Can I Lose at New Leaf Detox?

The Most Popular Question We Get Asked

How much weight can I lose on a New Leaf detox? You can quickly lose a lot of weight IF you have the weight to lose. If you believe you are carrying 10kg (22 lbs) of excess body fat then this can be lost during a 14-day detox at New Leaf. However, the last few kilograms are the hardest to lose.

“When I first visited New Leaf in 2007 I lost 13kg in 14 days. Big weight loss and quite a lot of that was excess body fat” said Kris Page, now New Leaf’s Marketing Director. “I went to New Leaf as a guest on a mission to lose as much as I could. This was my first detox and I was living in China, in my mid 40’s, training every day and not losing anything. Basically, I was just cancelling out what I’d eaten that day. The New Leaf detox was exactly what I needed. I felt at my age this was the best way to cleanse my body and get rid of as much excess body fat as I could”

Big Weight Loss

Weight loss and a lot of excess body fat depend on many things. Your age, overweight for how Long? Gender, are you on medication? Do you exercise? Your environment and other factors. Significant weight loss of excess body fat (over 15kg – 33lbs) takes time and effort. We have seen some vast losses at New Leaf. However, it should be a longer-term goal and a life change.

Detox is an excellent kick-start to losing weight and recharging your body. Significant weight loss takes time, and to maintain it, there must be a longer objective and lifestyle change. We recommend some form of movements such as walking and other exercises to complement the weight loss, tighten up your skin, tone muscles and create fitness and health. “Train a little hungry and in the mornings,” said Page

There are many incredible benefits from the New Leaf Detox programme. Increased stamina and energy, increased metabolic rate, dispelling toxins, improving skin tone, better concentration and fast, safe excess weight loss.

Men can safely lose up to 1kg (2.2lbs) per day, and women on average lose around .5 kilograms (1.1lbs) per day. Over a seven day detox period, an overweight man can lose 5kg (11lbs) to 7kg (15lbs) and women about 5kg (11lbs). A 14-day detox weight loss package is a great introduction. A 2-week healthy detox weight loss can make a massive difference in the way you look and feel. 

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

If you would like more information about wellness and our detox, weight loss packages please contact us or visit the wellness programs page.

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