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Will Detox Clear My Skin and Breath?

What Will Happen?

Detox is like cleaning your body from the inside out. Most people never get the opportunity to do this safely. We say “detox is like changing the oil filter on a car. The car run cleaner and smoother once its cleaned” Our bodies are the same. Cleaning your body with a detox can remove allergies and bacteria that causes blemishes. Blemishes on the skin and bad breath can repair during the detox process of cleaning your body.

Each day we consume a considerable amount of invisible toxins in the air, our food and our environment. These toxins build up and get stored in our bodies. Storage happens between our joints causing chronic pain, arthritis and other issues like weight gain, bad skin, hair loss etc. Stopping that intake and changing your environment, even for a few weeks and giving your body the opportunity to heal and restore is an incredibly valuable step you can do for your health and longevity.

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