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Multivitamins - Are They For Me?

Can we get the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals without supplementation?

The short answer is yes. People who grow their own organic fruit and vegetables breathe fresh clean air and drink pure water can.  And then there are the rest of us. Most of the worlds’ population live in very different situations and need some form of daily supplements. It’s not popular to say ‘we need supplementation’. There are many YouTube videos and Facebook post claiming that supplementation isn’t necessary. We think it is necessary and believe supplementation will definitely assist your overall wellness. However, we advocate natural, mostly herbal supplementation.

A lot of the world’s soils are depleted in nutrients and saturated with chemical pesticides and fertilizers, especially on corporate farms. Modern societies are riddled with fast foods saturated with too many choices of unhealthy foods and artificial sweetness. Convenience is more important than quality. Drive-thru fast-food services have now become a Trillion dollar industry.

Home deliveries, instant fulfilment, and microwaving have created financial empires as people become less physically active.

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Diet and Exercise

I, too, hate hearing it “diet and exercise, diet and exercise”, but it is the truth. However, it is more of an 80/20 rule—80% nutrition and 20% exercise. We don’t have to be health nuts and athletes. Moving our bodies more than from the sofa to the kitchen is very important to metabolise our system and burn the calories we take in daily.

If you told me, “right, you are going to be stranded on a Desert Island for the rest of your life, and you can only take three vitamin and mineral-based supplements with you, what would they be” I would take the following:

  1. Spirulina (Superfood)
  2. Moringa Leaf – Immune Health and Super Multi-Vitamin
  3. Amala Berry (Indian Gooseberry) – Vitamin C

Dietary Reminders

  • No artificial food chemicals, aspartame or other diet sweeteners
  • Use only sea salt sparingly
  • Lessen processed foods, use olive oil, coconut oil or cold-pressed seed oils of choice
  • No white flour or white sugar, replace with whole grains, Brewer’s yeast, unprocessed sugars, and bee pollen local to your area
  • Eat 75% raw or steamed foods at each meal
  • Exercise
  • Honour a scheduled weekly workout of biking, walking, aerobics, etc.
  • Twenty minutes of regular exercise will do the body better than procrastinated periodic extended workouts.

Optional Supplements of Value:

  • Body Oxygen dietary food supplement
  • Green drinks, such as Barley Greens and green teas
  • Ezzeac Plus Herb tea
  • Lebenszeit micro-algae water
  • 100% Willard Water Concentrate
  • Sea Silver whole food plant-based liquid supplement
  • Liquid kelp for thyroid and iodine supplementation, kelp aids in radiation exposure
  • Broken cell wall Chlorella for mercury detoxification

A Detox Starter

Detoxing with New Leaf Detox allows for you to get the very best care while getting the best, personalized results. Think about detoxing your body. Not just for excess fat and water weight loss but for really detoxing your body of pesticides and heavy metals. Give your liver a good flush and refresh and you won’t believe how great you will feel again.

If you would like more information about wellness and our detox, weight loss packages please contact us or visit the wellness programs page.

Note: New Leaf Wellness prefers iHerb as a stable supplier of supplements.

Vitamins and Minerals