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Following, we discuss the top five detox myths we have heard from potential guests since we started New Leaf Detox Resort on Koh Samui, Thailand, since 2006.

Myth 1 – Detox is for Yogis and Hippies!

Many cultures have practised detox, fasting, body cleansing and purging for centuries. In western culture, detox fasting became popular with the hippies’ movement of the mid-sixties. The hippies appropriated it from the yoga culture of India and Sri Lanka. This, in turn, formulated its association with those cultures and not with the mainstream.

Question the myths of detox and fasting

It wasn’t until the late seventies, when more significant health benefits and weight loss were publicised, that fasting found a broader market.

You wouldn’t buy a brand new car and never service it, would you?

Air, water and soil is polluted, and life can be stressful. Detox can be for almost everyone—especially those living in the modern world where the body recognises fast foods and medications as free radicals.

Correct fasting with reduced calories can lead to cleansing, repairing and recovering the body to its natural weight and overall wellness.

Nutrition facts are important in understainf detox fasting and cleansing results.

Myth 2 – Detox is too challenging with no solid food!

The idea of not eating solid foods is not appealing to many people. However, if you choose to detox in a dedicated detox weight-loss resort, you will be given the correct programme to cleanse your colon and remove excess waste and fluids. The detox will increase the metabolic rate, lower the blood sugar level and restore the balance between the digestive system and liver function. The process over time will allow the body to let go of excess stored fat.

Drink the Calories!

Liquid diets can be dangerous if not correctly measured. Over juicing and too much protein can lead to excess calories tricking the person doing the cleanse that they are doing a ‘juice detox’. A good detox resort will give the guest a combination of fruit and vegetables balanced and timed to release energy for activities. These liquid calories ignite fat stores and fuel the body during waking hours. There is no value to starvation and sitting around being miserable trying to cleanse the body. 

Calories Ignite Calorie Burn

The correct weight loss detox programme is a nutritious liquid meal diet. The body needs calorie intake to burn stored body fat. The programme should include natural supplements that help manage hunger. Daily body movement through scheduled activities and treatments will ensure weight loss and wellness success and occupy most of your time throughout the day.

You’ll Be Surprised – You Won’t Feel Hungry At All.

Myth 3 – I Must Struggle and Suffer Through the Detox!

One of the latest detox resort scams is to convince the guest that a ‘full fast’ will produce the best results. Not true. Often told as an excuse so the resort can water down concentrated supermarket juice and give the guest as little as possible to make the most profit. Don’t fall for this. Do your research and be thorough.

Some detox resorts are trying to sell the idea that detox should be for your body, mind and soul. While we agree with relaxation through meditation, yoga and stretching, what these detox, fasting and cleansing resorts tell you is not to use your phone, surf the internet, watch tv or even have a hot shower.

Juicing for detox fasting results

It’s simply not true! This misinformation is designed for them to give you less and make more money, but worst still, this will damage your body. 

Giving up solid food is challenging enough. Food for many is a drug for the body. It’s a legal drug of choice for a large population. It’s called ’emotional eating’ and is the primary way many control their feelings and moods. A good detox resort will explain this to the guest and formulate a plan for returning home after the detox.

 You don’t need to struggle and suffer more than you should. 

Find a Detox resort and enjoy the process in a facility with support staff who want to ensure you get the best results and make a journey easier.

You should be able to sleep on a nice comfy bed with a smart TV and fast, reliable wifi in a comfortable air-conditioned room. You should be able to take a nice hot shower and enjoy a far infrared sauna and herbal steam room. These all contribute to an enjoyable, successful detox cleanse.

Fresh Juice

Myth 4 – Full Fasts Work Best

What is a full fast?

Full fasting is a term used to describe water fasting or water down juices fasting – meaning no food in any form.

Many people believe proper detox is giving your body as little as possible for as long as you can. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Coconut, plain or cucumber water fasting depletes your body of nutrients. If the fasting continues for more than a week, the body will start looking internally for fuel when muscle depletion and organ damage can occur. 

Many people think Detox means giving your body as little as possible. When you detox, it doesn’t mean the body doesn’t need nutrients. It needs nutrition more than ever to heal and recover. Easily digestible foods like fresh green vegetable juices, smoothies and soups are essential. The body doesn’t have to work so hard to digest and process, which allows the focus on the body’s maintenance, recovery and cleansing.

The detox goal is to heal…

The detox goal is to heal, not damage the body. Depleting the body of nutrition sends it into what is called survival mode. In survival mode, the body stores everything it receives just in case it is needed. It causes internal stress, excessive release of hormones, massive hunger and struggles, eventually leading to excessive storage when eating resumes.

Choose a licensed detox where science meets nutrition. A resort that serves proper nutrients and has medical support if needed.

Myth 5 – No Need to Detox Your Body

Medical practitioners and many others believe the body is a perfect instrument capable of cleansing itself. True, in an ideal world, but we aren’t living in a perfect world.

We addressed this topic in the New Leaf Wellness Podcast # 001. Over processed food, unclean water and air, plus the heavy stress we place on our bodies make it almost impossible for the body to function internally at 100%

Time Out!

detox myths

Taking time out of our routines, eating regimes and tightly managed timetables is what we call ‘best wellness practices’. Many medium to large corporate businesses allow their staff members time for stress relief. Many companies provide masseuses, gyms, activities, meditation, yoga and pilates classes, free food and other stress-reducing options, which is a great start. However, getting away from the very environment causing the stress is essential. Changing the energy, meeting like-minded people and getting real nutrition from experts and support staff are unchallenged. 


Anyone who has been to a real dedicated detox weight loss resort will tell you to give it a try. What do you have to lose? A little bit of money and a lot of weight, both from the body and lifted from the mind. We have a saying we appropriated from a surf clothing company, but it fits perfectly for detox, cleansing and fasting “Only a detoxer knows the feeling.”

If you’d like to know more about the New Leaf Wellness Resort programme please contact us here.