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How Long Before I See Weight Loss Results?

Weight loss, fat burn, detoxification and cleansing is different for each person. Most New Leaf Detox guests experience results in 24 hours. Others within 2 to 3 days. Most people start reporting weight loss and increased energy after 3 or 4 days.

Arguably the initial weight loss is water and waste reduction. However, getting rid of the toxins will assist your metabolic rate to increase fat burn. This will result in a more effective detox weight loss fat burn with some light exercise. Over a period of a week, some guests can lose as much as seven kilograms of weight loss.

(Please Note: Results will vary from person to person.)

If you’re interested in seeing visible results of toxins and parasites leaving your body. We recommend you pay attention to what’s leaving your body every day when you visit the bathroom for a bowel movement.

You’ll be able to see some amazing things along with weight loss and fat burn during your detox time at New Leaf should you choose to come and visit.

If you would like more information about wellness and our detox, weight loss packages please contact us or visit the wellness programs page.

After and before Image of the client; Detox Weight Loss