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Motivation to Get and Stay Fit

How do you find fitness motivation when you work all day and by the time your workday comes to end, going to the gym or working out at home seems nearly impossible? This predicament is familiar to so many of us; in spite of this, there are a few great techniques to get out this way of thinking – for good.

At New Leaf Detox Resort we are more than just weight loss. We are about increasing your fitness and longevity through movement.

Reward Yourself

Just as children get rewarded for cleaning their room, you too can reward yourself after a certain period of continuous exercise. Your reward does not necessarily have to be the richest chocolate cake, but could be something healthier; such as, that $5 raw cookie made from nuts. Maybe it is the cute designer dress in your desired size or perhaps it is something as simple as a fragrant bouquet of flowers.

Find a Partner

One of the best ways to find the motivation to get fit is through a partner to join you on your mission to a healthy body. You can give one another motivational words and encouragement or schedule activities to do together; after all, you will not want to leave a buddy waiting for you at the volleyball court.

Sign up for Classes

Signing up for a class means that you likely had to pay, in advance, for at least one session; it also means that you probably don’t want to waste your money by skipping out on it. Therefore, sometimes joining a class for group exercise is exactly the kind of motivation you may need to get fit.

Try to take the ‘work’ out of workout; actually, just change the word altogether. Call it ‘fun-cise’ or ‘an active time to meet friends’.

Quit using the ‘W’ Word i.e Workout

Boxing group At New Leaf Wellness Resort

Any word, or phrase, that sounds more appealing will do; if you have to make your own word up which makes the whole idea sound better, then go for it!

Have Fun While Getting Fit

It’s in our nature to long for something new and exciting; therefore, if you are having a difficult time to stay motivated, look for an assortment of activities. Join a gym that offers yoga, Pilates, weight lifting, spinning or boxing; try them all. If a gym isn’t your thing, get outdoors for some rollerblading, cycling or swimming. You could literally do something new each day for a month and still have fun while getting fit.

Change Your Attitude

Body Mind Mastery

Attitude is everything; hence, if you think you will hate the 1-hour exercise you have planned, you probably will. Try to remember that committing to a daily fitness routine begins with your mental attitude, and that starts in your mind, so keep your thoughts positive! Go into your activity with a positive intention and attitude.

An old acquaintance of mine and author, Dan Millman, a former world champion gymnast, wrote one of my favourite all-time sport motivation books. Dan’s book Body Mind Mastery takes on a holistic approach to lifestyle change through self-motivation and training. I highly recommend Body Mind Mastery.

Your own Path to Motivation

Whatever it is that ultimately brings you the motivation you need to get fit; do it, as long as it is healthy for your mind and body. By doing so, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of great health, a toned body, abundant energy and ultimately more happiness. A good start if you are carrying a lot of extra weight and want a kickstart is a full body detox. New Leaf offers detox programmes from 3-28 days and we are sure this is one that suits your goals and budget.  During your stay, you have the option of doing extra personal and guided training to get that extra fitness. If you just want to chat and get some information then please contact us anytime and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

If you would like more information about wellness and our detox, weight loss packages please contact us or visit the wellness programs page.

Enjoy The Journey With New Leaf Wellness Resort